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Location of Coronach
Coronach is located 100 miles(160 km.) south of Moose Jaw on Highway #36 and approximately 2 miles north of the Canada/USA border. Highway #18 runs directly through Coronach. Legal Description is as follows: Section 11, Township 2, Range 27, West of the Second Meridian.Coronach has an Altitude of 2536 feet (773m.), Latitude of 49° 6 ' 42" N, and a Longitude of 105° 30' 58" W.

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Coronach SK
The average annual precipitation is approximately 11 inches. Summers are characterized by being hot and dry, with the winters being cold with periodically modified Chinook winds first generated by upslopes of air currents slamming into the mountains. These winds are warmed in the higher atmosphere and return to earth (somewhere west of Calgary) as a pleasant warm wind that sweeps across the prairie. Snowfall averages are moderate to low.
Coronach is located in the Brown Soil Zone. The rolling land is nearly all suitable for grain farming, although some areas are only suitable for grazing and ranching. The land is mostly strip- farmed and is suitable for most Western Canadian crops such as Wheat, durum, barley, oats, flax, rye and winter wheat. Some of the highest protein concentrated wheat in the world is grown in this area. Trends are gradually changing with more and more specialty crops such as peas, lentils, canola, mustard being grown. The Coronach community is served by a large, modern elevator, owned and operated by the Richardson Pioneer Grain Company. There were 2 elevators, however on April 15/2015, this took place;
The population in Coronach rose dramatically from 340 in 1975 to 1300 in 1982, mostly due to the construction of the Poplar River Power Station and Coal Mine.  Since the construction, Coronach has become stable with approximately 711 residents and 272 within the surrounding Rural Municipality.


Individual and Family Housing
Coronach boasts a wide variety of rental housing units, which are available through Saskatchewan Housing, as well as private individuals.  These homes range from single and double family dwelling units to one and two bedroom apartments.  There is a moderate to low number of homes available for sale.

The Town of Coronach has serviced lots for sale at an extremely low price and is prepared to service more as the need arises.  The situation is monitored closely and land is available for housing at all times.  The Town of Coronach’s infrastructure is capable of comfortably maintaining a population of 1800 residents.

There are two mobile/modular home parks, both with rental and purchase lots available.

Seniors’ Housing
Heritage Square consists of ten low rental suites that are self-contained units.
Pretty Valley Lodge has four double suites and six singles, with a recreation/entertainment area available to its occupants and their families.  VERY affordable monthly rates.
South Winds Manor, which was previously an apartment block, has been renovated for senior single or double occupancy.
Seniors Housing
Water Supply
Storage Capacity:
600,000 gallons
discharged into lagoons from where it is then pumped to fields for irrigation of forage crops

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