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Dutch Henry
  German immigrants, the Yeutch family had three boys. One chose the path of law and order and goes forgotten and unhearalded in the history of the Big Muddy Badlands. Of the other two Henry played the larger part. His brother who went by the name “Coyote Pete” and belonged to the same gang as Dutch, but played a lesser part.

By all accounts Henry was a friendly easy going sort and an excellent ranch hand. He worked for a number of ranchers in the valley and counted many as his friend. Those friendships likely stood him well after taking up the outlaw life. He would have been able to get a job as a ranch hand and hide out from the law, plus make a couple of bucks as well.

Due to his friendly nature and cowboy skills he and had no trouble finding work, but Henry had a dark side as well. If the right situation presented itself, he had no second thoughts about taking advantage of his employers. No one can say for certain how many times he crossed that line.

It is known that he crossed the line for good while in the employ of a rancher from Willow Bunch. Pascal Bonneau sent his brother Joe and Henry to Montana to buy a herd of horses. The return trip with horses in tow was going well until they neared the U.S/Canada border. Henry’s dark side took over. He chased Joe Bonneau off at gunpoint and told him not to bother looking for the horses as he had plans for them. The Bonneau’s reported the theft to the Mounties but little could be done as the deed had taken place in Montana.

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