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Coronach Early Learning Literacy Centre
Contact person: Kierstin Bartlett
Phone: (306) 267-2099
Box:  538 Coronach, Sask. S0H 0Z0
Fax: (306) 267-648
Email: cellc@sasktel.net

Early Learning programs and services are a vital part of our community. With many new, young families in our area, access to services and learning opportunities for children aged 0-12 are critical. The following are the programs currently available for our early learners and their families:

Our Purpose:
Coronach Early Learning Literacy Centre strives to provide a positive loving environment for the children of our facility with a home away from home program that is developmentally appropriate for each of our age groups.  We will work to make each day a successful learning experience through assisted activities and creative learning techniques involving crafts, cooking, stories, songs, physical activity and socialization.  Our organization commits to ensuring a safe educational and social environment that promotes self-confidence, curiosity, and well-rounded growth in our child participants based on their unique levels of development.  We aim to recognize each child’s individual talents and encourage their progress.  This will be achieved through consistent staff guidance and daily communication with their parents.

From the Centre policy manual:
The Coronach Early Learning Literacy Centre (CELLC) strives to provide a safe, happy and enriching environment that embraces the uniqueness of each child and family, while providing age and developmentally appropriate activities, and simulating a “home away from home” atmosphere where parents can feel comfortable leaving their children.

Our staff meet our mission objectives by their desire and ability to create positive learning experiences through structured crafts, outdoor play, indoor free-play, cooking and baking, science, circle time, music, literature and socialization.

Children are encouraged to become self-confident, independent thinkers and the staff promotes curiosity, peer interaction and independent learning. Every child in our centre is recognized as an individual with distinct talents and needs. The staff encourages parent participation in developing specialized programming to meet the needs of their children.

Our centre believes that the parent is an integral part of our environment.

Activities & Accomplishments Partners
  1. Little Tykes Preschool
  2. Hot Lunch
  3. Camp Extravanganza
  4. 35 space fully subsidized daycare.
  1. Prairie Literacy Awareness Network, Inc. (PLAN)
  2. Sask. Learning, Early Learning and Childcare
  3. Coronach School, Prairie South School Division
  4. Coronach Library, Palliser Regional Library
  5. SECCDA, Southeast Childcare Directors Association
  6. SECA, Saskatchewan Early Childhood Association
  7. Town of Coronach
  8. South Central Star (formerly Triangle News) - local newspaper

Our centre was created based on the need for quality, affordable childcare in our area. During the summer of 2007 our centre was developed through the commitment of community volunteers and the funding contributions of Saskatchewan early learning and Childcare. We opened for full time service in September of 2007 and have become a respectable and reliable childcare service provider for the members of our community and the surrounding area.

Our fully integrated facility located in the Coronach School is constantly growing and expanding to meet the needs of our patrons. Our independently functioning centre provides all the necessities of the day for children ages 6 weeks to twelve years as well as additional services available to the staff and students of Coronach School.

More Education Opportunities


Coronach Early Learning

Funding Coordination and Sustainability:
Since the inception of our facility numerous funding sources have been accessed and implemented in our centre as follows:

  1. Job Start /Future Skills: Training assistance $25,000 collected to date
  2. Start up and capital funding from Saskatchewan Learning: $75,000
  3. Saskatchewan Learning Environmental and Education grants: $9,780
  4. CIF Annual Grant 2007-2008: $10,000
  5. CIF summer grant 2008: $4,000
  6. Student Employment Experience: $1,553.92
  7. Hot Lunch fees to date approximately $4,500
  8. Daycare fees to date approximately $90,000
  9. Miner’s Trust: $2,000
  10. Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Corp.:$1,800
  11. Raise a Reader: $5,00
  12. Volunteer hours: 1500/year
  13. Donations (in kind): $10,000 to date

The board and staff of CELLC are diligently investigating new and innovative ways to sustain and differentiate our programming.

Our patrons and volunteers often fundraise to provide ongoing programming and capital resources as needed. Our solid community relationships contribute to our sustainability and success.



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